Bellissimo Sparkling Launching Soiree

The speech and cheers ritual on stage by Mr. Irman CEO of Dima International Wines marks the official launch of Bellissimo Sparkling Wines. Bellissimo Sparkling Dazzling Launching Soiree that was held in BAE by Socieaty in Jakarta, has drawn a capacity crowd of 150 customers showed up. Bellissimo creates wines that are delicious expressions of what we love to drink. Our varieties and wine styles are classic Italian icons, our Australian vineyards produce lusciously flavoursome wine grapes, and our winemakers labour lovingly over our wines to produce things of true beauty. “Our name Bellissimo (meaning “Beautiful” in Italian), sums it all up quite well really. Moderate in alcohol level, balanced beautifully with the perfect amount of natural sweetness, finishing with mouth tingling sparkles, combined with delicious aromas, Bellissimo wines are highly desirable for any occasion.” , said Mitch Hayhow as the Winemaker of Bellissimo Wines.

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